Minis are here and rule-book Sneak Peek!

Hey there, Things are getting pretty busy around here! Just today our mini samples arrived (never mind the colors, that is just a sample of the shapes). The quality is great, but I want a warmer yellow for the dice! I will bring them to Essen SPIEL if you want to take a look. Also, everyone who backed and visits us in Essen will get a free set of four Shadowrun miniatures (they are actually almost usable in the JA game scale-wise) to take home. So drop by and say hi! (And if you want to just walk over to the Board Game Geek booth and vote for us, that is also appreciated). We also have a preview of our rules for you to download and look at. Now this is NOT the final version, we will have ano

Missions, SPIEL2018 and retro-active exclusive

Hey there, it is 3 Weeks till Essen and we are finishing the last touches on the Rules Book (Thanks to God-Keizer for tirelessly spotting flaws in those books and constructive criticism!) and thanks to the great work of volunteers we also have a German and French version of those books in the works! So things are looking good on that end. We also have finalized our missions and added a new type (Bounty Hunts). Missions can be random or added by a specific scenario (like the one below, which some of you may remember from playing JA2) and will be a pain in the merc's collective behinds as long as they are active due to the conditions they apply. We also have added a new mission type 'Bounty Hu