Metavira campaign and open deliveries

Hi there, as I write this most EU backers outside UK have received their game. If you have not, let me know! US and Australia should begin shipping this week, while UK is scheduled for next week. Unfortunately, part of the US shipping was damaged in transit and we need to assess how many games were affected, but we already determined we have enough for fulfilment. Metavira Mini Campaign The Campaign has not made it into the box - this is completely on us, as we did not get to finish and playtest it in time for printing. We hope to have the first two scenarios layouted by next week and will post them as pdf. All required cards and tokens (as well as Lucas Santino as a dictator) are included i

Games on the High Seas and French Rules!

Hey there, as some of you have (rightly) asked about the state of the shipment, here is what we know. The game have been sent to individual backers in Asia and should be with you already. They also landed in Australia and are processed through customs to Aetherworks for delivery. Both Europe and the US shipment are still under way. Europe should arrive in port the next days and the US about ten days from now (the initial plan was to land at the West Coast, now we move through New York to Quartermaster. As soon as delivery starts we will let you know! For those of you wanting to take a look at our rules, there is a nifty web version on our site with English and German Rules and a short Errata