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  • I want this! When will it be available?
    You can pre-order the game NOW amd we estimate a delivery end of 2021
  • How do you play co-operative AND competitive?
    In story mode everyone has the same goal- saving the time line and overcoming the boss enemy! But in exploration mode, each time agent has his or her own agenda and on top of sharing health with the group they also have secret win conditions which they need to fulfill. So everyone has a secret mission to win the game, but needs the others not to loose!
  • How do Underground Games and Tangled Towers fit? Are you both developing the game?
    It's quite simple - when we saw the Castle von Loghan and spoke to the designer we immediately felt we met a kindred soul. So we just wanted to help one another. As a result, Underground Games are 'publishing'the game for Tangled Towers.
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