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Mit deutscher Regel!

Jagged Alliance TBG is a 1-4 player co-operative tactical combat game allowing you to take the role of your favourite Jagged Alliance mercenaries to battle Deidranna and her minions in a game with uniquely variable combat tactics.

Lead your team through a  wealth of ever changing scenario with different maps and challenges and replay the famed  Jagged Alliance liberation of Arulco or create your own scenarios with over 30 different sector tiles.

Players spend Stamina for movement and combat, with many weapons improving their odds of doing damage through extra points spent and they can upgrade or exhaust their weapons for greater effects. But all this comes with a price - Stamina and Wounds come from the same pool and overused weapons need repair, so you need to balance your actions carefully.


Players have to manage different threats and missions while advancing their main goal on the map, which changes with each scenario. Al the while, the dictator will fight backs with attacks and events that make the merc's live harder, so you need to train rebels to defend your hard-won sectors or bribe the corrupt regime's officers to stop counter-attacks.

​You can gear up and improve your mercs, liberate sectors from occupying forces to receive cash and better gear, strain rebels to man your militia or stumble into roaming bloodcats as you try to fight Deidranna's nefarious lieutenants and their plots, which will escalate as the game progresses.

​With its modular map tile system, wide range of scenarios and events and flexible player progression, Jagged Alliance allows for brief skirmish games or evening-spanning campaigns and never plays the same way twice.

The game uses elements from combat action games and adds more tactical player decisions and  different, evolving enemies as well allies to hire and tons of gears and weapons to use.

Craft your team's strategy to play it safe or risk more for greater rewards and don't forget to solve new missions as they appear during play. JA:TBG is a truly co-operative game, where you need to coordinate your team's efforts and skills to the best of your ability to free Arulco...or die trying.

Also: Bloodcats!

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