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Our kickstarter launch is coming closer - we are in the final phase of preparation, finishing up the art and video and frantically game testing our first scenarios.

By now, we have upwards of 100 hours of game testing done and pretty much nailed down the core tactical gameplay and moved on to finish the meta/strategical game elements. Which means it is finally time for Deidranna to enter the stage!

Current version if the first dictator board

he dictator board has two functions: It defines the main enemy of the scenario (or campaign) and the special rules that apply. The Queen for example always brings her loyal servant Elliot with her to the board and while she gets angry quickly with every sector lost, her officers can be paid off to look the other way, decreasing escalation.

Escalation is an important value in the game, which increases the difficulty as the counter progresses, which usually happens over time and with certain player actions. Depending on the scenario the value will also determine when a counter attack takes place, how strong the attack is (number of skulls equals attackers) and what happens when an event card is drawn. Certain cards have additional effects at higher escalation values, making them more dangerous.

To counter the increasing threat, players can buy off escalation with funds, which you receive for liberating sectors or on some missions. But these funds are also spend on new allies joining your mercs and valuable black market weapons. Higher escalation means more action, counterattacks and battles, which in turn may mean more rewards.

So players have a choice - increase their risk and reward and spend funds to become more powerful or keep escalation down and make it easier for them to progress towards their scenario goals. Thus the dictator will always be a main factor in player strategy and different dictators have the power to change the course of the game considerably. And by the way: During the kickstarter, one of you can become a second dictator card in the game as a backer reward - didn't you always want to be feared and hated by gamers all over the world?

One question to our readers: What do you think of our interpretation of Deidranna? Reminds me of a certain public figure....

If you like our game ideas so far, please share and visit us on facebook as well!

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