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Progression and Campaign

Whether you are in for just a 45 minute quick skirmish or looking for a juicy extended campaign that will take you several sessions to play, we've got you covered!

The base element of progression is of course your chosen merc, who will collect new and better gear, weapons and allies. In order to use those, he or she needs to have the required experience level, which can be gained by spend funds to train him or her up.

However these are the same funds you need to buy very useful black market items or buy off escalation points to prevent the dictator mounting powerful counterattacks. So you always need to weigh these options against your current needs.

So over the course of the campaign mercs get more powerful and your team may also have collected additional funds, rebels and civilians as you free more and more sectors. But of course in an ongoing campaign, the objectives and maps get more difficult. Here are early versions of the first two missions: Getting to Omerta from your chopper and then freeing Omerta from occupation by Deidranna's forces.

As you can see, things get more challenging pretty fast - JA-TBG aims to always keep you on the edge, make tough choices and prepare to change your tactics as the tides of battle sway back and forth. Counterattacks may take away liberated sectors if you don't have enough militia to protect them, dictator events can impact your battles, funds, support or strengthen the enemy and we haven't even started with Lieutenants, who will be a constant thorn in your side until overcome and kind of like boss enemies in a sector.

So as you progress each of your mercs will change and advance following the choices you make and the game will always force you to adapt your strategy and tactics - there is no "ideal loadout" that works for every situation and you will have to work closely with your team to overcome the various challenges in front of you. But after all, the hard won victories are the sweetest! If you want to see a game in action there is a playthrough with our friends at Orkenspalter which sees us die repeatedly and succeed with our dying breath (for sake of speed we used the first scenario map, but added Deidranna as a dictator already, which proved to be QUITE a challenge). There will also be an English playthrough upcoming.

We hope to start the Kickstarter campaign towards the end of next week, but we will keep you posted about our progress. Meanwhile, please share this blog and spread the news if you want us to succeed in the upcoming Kickstarter!

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