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We are the 98% and a new medic in town


As I write this, we have edged closer to the 100% funded mark (Thanks to for the support!) and the fever is rising around here. Actually quite literally, as my wife got sick, so apologies for this being a bit shorter than usual.

We are working on the first version of the rules in a human readable format (as opposed to scribbled notes) and should hopefully have them alongside a printable set of game play material, so you can play the first two scenarios in their current form yourself (and let us know how you liked them). We should have those ready by end of this week if all goes well. If I manage to get a working camera as opposed to the piece of crap I tried to use, I will attempt to also do a "How to play" on top.

It is not yet midnight but there haven't been new votes coming in for the last 2 hours, so I am calling a very close race.

Dr.Q and Spider were quite close, with less than 10 votes from the top, but the merc making it into the team will be none other than:

Dr Clifford Highball!

Welcome to the team, doc!

Now the next vote will be a wild card! Once we reach 100% everyone can just suggest his or her favorite merc in the next update's comments (when it comes) and we will put in the one with the most mentions. Even "Unusually Ruthless" Reuban, though Ivan will not be amused.

So, we are keeping busy on our end and our fingers crossed.

As always, feel free to follow us on Facebook and Twitter and check a few more of those social goals!

See you at 100 (hopefully)!


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