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Happy New Year and vote on BGG


I hope you had a wonderful start into 2018! We have taken a break for the holidays, but we have been active in picking manufacturers for the game and we have found a partner who emphasizes quality at an affordable price. We are now preparing the minis for production, which always takes the longest, so we are starting early on this.

We have also been working with our OVERLORDS to create new dictators and are trying out versions to provide for playtesting.

So the game is getting along well, but we can use more people being aware of it, so we need your help!

We need your vote on BGG

The BGG Most Wanted shortlist vote is closing and we need a few votes to get back into the top 50! PLEASE take a second and vote - it's simple: Just go to BGG (, scroll down until you see the game and give it a thumbs up. That's it! (If you haven't registered on BGG, it only takes 5 seconds...

Getting into the top 50 shortlist would be a major boon, so help us make it!

To help motivate you, one of our great backers has created these cool BGG icons: They are being reviewed still, but you can see them here (

Let's kick off the year of JA with getting us to the tpop 50 most wanted!



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