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Time flies when you are doing minis

Hi there,

has it really been a month since the last update? Oh my! Apologies for that - life came in the way and between sick kids, me moving to a new flat and us working on the minis, we ran a little behind.

Sooooo, what DID we do? Well there are a few very exciting developments with Underground Games - we are starting an underground movement (sorry for the pun) and are banding together with a few other indie teams to increase our reach and work together on stuff and promote each other. We carefully select the projects to fit our game profile and to make sure their creators are really nice human beings we trust and who share our love of the hobby. Stay tuned for more on this!

Mini evolution

Our resident artist Jens has not been slacking either and we are almost done with the minis - there was a good bit of rework required when we got our first feedback from the factory and we still need to get the bases ratio to mini right, so we can use colored rings around the bases. By using rings we can have base and elite version of the same enemy present on the map and mark them clearly and also identify heroes as we now have a bunch of mercs that don't exactly look like one of the minis and things may get confusing otherwise.

Here is our Rusher enemy, who started out with a plain shield and in a kind of gallop that also tilted him to the side. The new version has a more balanced posture and an actual riot shield (and he doesn't fall over when you put him on the board)


Will be back soon with more on the scenario progress and our first partnership announcement!



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