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Day and Night and inside Larry's head


today we want to dive a little deeper into the updated dictator mechanics that we have updated based on your feedback and play testing and how they fit nicely with one of the most fun mercenaries around: Larry Roachburn.

Also, the Castle von Loghan Kickstarter is due to start on the 3rd of May and if you like deep story dive exploration, co-op and diceless combat, topped with time travelling action across three boards, this one is for you, so check it out!

Back to our day and night mechanics - we have a new (not final graphics) dictator board that features three spaces on the side for event cards. We use those to measure time and collect "threat cubes". Whenever a turn ends all the collected threats are added to the Threat Escalation column on the left and any resulting actions are resolved. This moves all dictator actions to after the player turn, which makes things much cleaner.

We also changed Deidranna to only care about important sectors, not about those wilderness areas that just have a '?' counter on them. This makes escalation a little slower and more manageable.

New Dictator Board

The neatest new trick is the new event cards. After an event card is drawn, it goes to one of the three slots and once these are full, we have a day-night change. There are different conditions during daytime and nighttime (for example the threat level increase) and some characters and cards have added abilities for either.

One that makes extensive use of this is Larry, who's multiple personalities come up based on various conditions, such as the day/night change.

Playing Larry is great fun - he has a bunch of cards that can make him very powerful or very hard to play (or both) and adapting to his latest personality switch requires you to think on your feet. When the discard condition is met, simply discard one and draw a new card, giving him new skills and conditions. We have played him and he has quickly become one of the favorites for our group. Just make sure he doesn't get drunk....


We also have begun to work on our sectors and backdrops for the characters and the missions, which came out really nice, so here is a little gallery with some of them. Enjoy!

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