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We got ourselves a campaign map

Hi there,

it's been to long (again) and we have been fighting a few obstacles (again). The Kickstarter for Castle von Loghan finished successfully (YEAH!), but it kept me occupied as I helped our friend Paul and the crew of Tangled Towers to sort the post-KS period. And just as I was ready to jump into JA again, our artists computer broke down and we lost a good bunch of latest versions of files (and yes, we had backups, but they were corrupted due to the same issue the computer had).

Well, once more unto the breach and we are closing in on the production date! The minis are in production and we are eagerly awaiting our samples! We have finalized our card count - 30 Ally cards, 150 items and over 20 Missions await - not to mention 6 different Lieutenants (including Elliot and Mike, that darn traitor!). Which brings me to a new rules update: We changed the way Lieutenants work. They were supposed to be kind of "Sub Boss Monsters" you would encounter on the field while at the same time changing conditions for the players that would add a bit of extra challenge and require different tactics. Lieutenants were local to a sector and you could fight them normally. This was fine once or twice, but in the campaign, they kind of became "just another enemy" and they did not feel special enough, so we made them into Mission-style cards.

This adds a bunch of new cards, but in return we dropped the generic Lieutenant Miniature, which is no longer useful (but we found a very nice use for the tank mini...). So now, they are nice, big cards and each one has special effects on the whole game as well as special ways to beat them, making them much more relevant.

Speaking of relevance: We have worked a lot on the campaign and progression balancing and how we create a narrative - some cards are now specifically unlocked by certain missions and there is a kind of "story progression" to the whole game that also includes some meaningful decisions by the players about which rewards they want to get. So for now I will leave you with a preview of the campaign map, which is poster sited and will allow you to track your progression or plot your conquest.

See you in time!


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