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JA:TBG game update and shipping


I wanted to give a quick update and make you aware of upcoming things for JA:TBG

Manufacturing is moving along slowly - the first batch of mini samples was produced, but unfortunately they were not acceptable as a reference. To the right you can see a usable mini (there is a remnant of production stuff at the end of the rifle, but that will not be there in the final mini), but the one to the left is all gooey and runny and not usable to check production. This means a further delay as new samples are being prepared and sent out, unfortunately.

So there goes our chance to have an actual game ready to pick-up in Essen :(.

However, we still have a booth (5 F111, opposite the BoardGameGeek booth) that we will share with the wonderful Castle von Loghan and the very successful and original Moonshiners of the Apocalypse, and we will have the sample boards and hopefully minis by then so there is plenty of stuff to do! So drop by and play or say hello.

Also, it would be great if you could vote our game for game of the show at BGG (at their booth) and give us a thumbs up now in their preview list.

We will also be sending out the shipping cost calculation end of this week, which will require you to finalize your shipping payment and address. make sure you check your spam folder if you haven't received a mail by Friday or go to Crowdox to retrieve your survey. We have tried to go the cheapest possible route while making sure we get good packaging to prevent damages, as the box will come in around a solid 3 kilos (7 lbs) of game goodness. We still hope to ship the game by Christmas and are leaning on the manufacturer to get things going.

We will keep you posted of course! As a goodbye, here is a sample of one of our new sectors...looking really nice.



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