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Missions, SPIEL2018 and retro-active exclusive

Hey there,

it is 3 Weeks till Essen and we are finishing the last touches on the Rules Book (Thanks to God-Keizer for tirelessly spotting flaws in those books and constructive criticism!) and thanks to the great work of volunteers we also have a German and French version of those books in the works! So things are looking good on that end.

We also have finalized our missions and added a new type (Bounty Hunts). Missions can be random or added by a specific scenario (like the one below, which some of you may remember from playing JA2) and will be a pain in the merc's collective behinds as long as they are active due to the conditions they apply.

We also have added a new mission type 'Bounty Hunt' featuring a difficult combat (M.O.M. for example always does area damage to her would-be attackers and packs some solid armor) but which is optional, as there is no negative effect from not resolving it.

Missions allow players to have competing priorities of where to go with whom and that makes for interesting decisions, which is what we definitely want for our players!


If you are itching to play the game with a designer and assuming our manufacturer comes through, we will have the first complete prototype for SPIEL ESSEN end of October.

You can also play Castle von Loghan and Moonshiner of the Apocalypse there, so DEFINITELY drop by and pay us a visit at Hall 5 Booth F111 (opposite Board Game Geek) and don't forget to vote for us as game of the show :).

If you can't make it to Essen, Jan will also show off Jagged at the Frankfurt Bockenheim Mini Convention on November 3rd ( and maybe at some Cons in the Frankfurt area such as Dreieich Con. We will keep you posted!

Retroactive Exclusive

With the increase in box volume, production and shipping costs, the game is no longer going to go through a distributor, meaning UNLESS A RETAILER ORDERS IT DIRECTLY FROM US this has pretty much become a Kickstarter Exclusive. We will have some extra stock to sell through the fulfillment services we work with which will be announced at a later date.

So you now have the added pleasure of soon owning a unique game box! :)

And that reminds me: Please make sure you fill out your shipping details and complete your order in our Pledge manager so we can prepare the shipping and make sure you get your game!

We hope to see you in Essen!



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