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Pledges, Printing, Shipping and German and French Rulebook

Dear Backers,

some of you have received a mail from me today asking you to finalize your survey. The reason for this is, that we are closing in on shipping slowly but surely - Mini Production is underway, paper parts are getting a few edits and a second round of review to improve print quality.

This means we may get things on a ship come December IF and only IF we know where to send them and shipping is paid! So please make sure you do finalize your surveys (here is the link if you need it again).

We recently played a few scenarios with backers (and one of them was nice enough to leave a comment about the experience in our comments section!) and we are very happy that they had fun and felt we are doing justice to the license!

We may have another appearance locally at DreieichCon on the weekend of 17th and 18th and if anyone would like to meet us there, please send me a message!

German and French Rulebook

Thanks to the generosity and work of our backers, who slaved away we will have a German and French version of the Rulebook. Due to the high number of German speaking backers, we are going to have a printed German Rules and Scenario Book, which we will add to the package when it is sent out! Thanks to everyone involved!



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