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Shipping date estimates

Hi there,

for some time now, we have pushed the manufacturer to finish all the boxes of the game for a shipping prior to Chinese New Year, which is when everything in China shuts down for almost two weeks. The digital proofs had been done and we are waiting on actual physical samples for the final greenlight.

As it stands we may be able to get them before our Christmas, but I doubt it. Being a small game we keep getting pushed between larger productions and the only way to make it on the ship before Chinese New Year is to skip quality control. That would mean faulty minis/cards/boxes would not be checked prior to packaging and you would get potentially damaged goods. Once again quality trumps speed for us, so we insisted on Quality Control being done properly. This will likely push our shipping date to February 25th and that means delivery End of March 2019 the earliest, more likely April.

There is nothing we can do about that other than keep our fingers crossed and be as quick as we can from our end, but we will keep you posted!

Meanwhile, we have had a few more external testers playing the game and we have received enthusiastic reactions! People had a lot of fun and loved the challenge and large variety of tactical choices possible. Thanks to everyone who played!

We have also added a "EXTRA CHALLENGE MODE" to the Add-On, which basically adds underground sectors to mines and some other places in the base game on top of the ones you will have through events. The former will be part of the sectors, so you HAVE to liberate them to win and due to the special underground conditions, they will be extra difficult. So, if you have beaten all of our three base-game dictators and feel you need a bit more challenge, the Add-ON will provide just that (plus Rocket Rifles).

We are going to be off for the holidays, so if things are a little slower, please be patient.

With that, we wish all of our backers the best for the New Year and of course...

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