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Gathering of Developers and Deutsches Let's Play

Hi there,

the manufacturing of the game has finally commenced fully (including the German Rules version) and we are anxiuosly awaiting new info on that. As soon as we have exact dates we will let all of you know, but that should be soon, so please make sure you have paid your shipping!

Meanwhile we have been pretty busy - for one we did a German-language Let's Play with our friends from Orkenspalter TV you can find below. It's the third map of the campaign and relatively easy, especially since our mercs seem to be stepping into piles of cash wherever they go.

Secondly, we have joined up with the great guys from Auroch Digital and Bos Taurus Diceworks, both founded by Tomas Rawlings. I have known, respected and liked Tomas for years and both of us being small indies and looking to improve our chances in the market as well as agreeing on a lot of topics around how we want to do games, we decided to join forces.

Gathering of Board Game Developers is hopefully the start of a bigger venture, where us small studios help each other grow and also become more visible outside our home countries by supporting each other hto ave a presence at events etc.

If you are interested to learn more, meet Tomas and me in the below video talking about the idea. Feel free to ask us about joining the Gathering :)

There is another announcement coming up about our next project, but that will have to wait for a few weeks :)

It's about running a spce agency and launching a mission to Mars!

See you around!

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