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Shipping from factory imminent

Hi all,

I have spent my weekend colour proofing (again) the printed materials with a camera feed from the actual factory and we are soon going to commence shipping from the factory.

That also means we will lock down the address data soon, so I have sent emails out to remind everyone who is still "in progress" to complete their order. If you want to change anything in your order NOW is the time. Use this link to review your order:

We will ship in Germany and the EU with Happyshops, North and South America with Quartermaster and Australia with Aetherworks, while our Asian backers will receive their game directly from the factory.

We also reinforced the box and the plastic tray to be able to hold 3kg of game fun and that has been sorted as well.

If you are interested, you can get a first taste of our updated Rulebook to download here:

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