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Jagged Alliance

The Board Game
The classic turn-based tactical game gets physical

Jagged Alliance TBG is a co-operative board game with miniatures allowing you to take the role of your favorite Jagged Alliance mercenaries to battle Deirdranna and her minions in a deeply tactical combat game with unique action mechanics.

Gear up and improve your merc, free sectors from occupying forces , uncover hidden caches and grateful civilians or stumble into roaming bloodcats as you leave your mark on the island of Arulco. Build up a militia to defend your hard-won territory and always keep an eye out for Deirdranna's nefarious commanders and their plots, which will escalate the more sectors you liberate, forcing you to pick your targets carefully, take on side-missions and rethink your strategy on the fly.

With its modular map and scenario creation and flexible progression system you can play JA-TBG with anything from 1 to 4 players. Whether you are looking for a short skirmish mission in just a few sectors, want to play an ongoing mini campaign searching for a missing heli-pilot and freeing  supporters like Dynamo from prison or tackle an entire all-stops-pulled story mode campaign to liberate the whole island of Arulco from its oppressive regime, Jagged Alliance is just what you need.

Playing time

Skirmish Mission: 30-60 minutes

Campaign Scenario: 60- 180 minutes

Full Blown: 8-12 hours

Castle von Loghan

A new take on story-based co-op dungeon exploration set across three interlinked timelines

Release: Q4 2021

Castle von Loghan is a lovingly-crafted and ambitious dungeon exploration game for 1-6 players. Playing through a rich story that spans three different timelines, your group of agents has to work together to prevent Time itself from being ripped apart and altered forever!

  • Unique co-op / competitive game play, with shared health and clarity. 

  • An original and expertly-crafted storyline: over 240 events forcing group members to make individual decisions influencing the outcome for the entire group.

  • Diceless time-jumping combat where players work together to defeat the enemy

  • Three game boards chaning as the game progresses with intersecting timelines

  • Time-travelling monsters and boss enemies, each with their own story and background


Castle von Loghan is chock-full of new and original ideas and mechanics, a richly varied and deep story and original co-op dynamics that are highly engaging for everyone in the group!

Castle von Loghan has been selected Game of the Month by reviewers.

Watch the short review video (in German)

Number of Players 1-8

Playing time

Per Chapter 90-200 min

Full Campaign: Over 30 h 

Exploration Mode:  60-120 min

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