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Welcome to Castle von Loghan

Where the present is the past and the future at the same time!

Castle Von Loghan is a time-traveling competitive co-op dungeon-crawling experience, that offers a unique narrative and innovative mechanics!

Where the present is the past and the future at the same time!

Working as one group, you venture inside Castle von Loghan to prevent time from collapsing.


Each turn, you decide where to go, experience a new event, solve the secrets of the room, battle the enemies protecting it, and divide the spoils.


You will face countless unique situations and each and every one of you will have to make a decision - and every single decision will have its own consequences. While you may want different things you need to remember: the only route to winning the game is to survive together. 

Visit our Kickstarter page for LOADS of more information!

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Time Travelling Game Boards

Players will be able to choose from the rich stories that come with their own narrative mechanics, enemies, and bosses in Story Mode.


Experience an intriguing Campaign that evolves with every chapter! If you simply want to explore the Castle for loot, choose the Exploration Mode and each player will have her own agenda to follow!

Intense Narrative Action

Each room of the Castle engages your group with a new and highly detailed event, offering four available choices to resolve it.

Each player picks one and then ALL choices are resolved. Some or all members may gain advantages...or suffer the consequences of their actions. Loyalty will be questioned; greed will be encouraged at every turn.


Choose from an array of ever-changing, unusual weapons to attack your foes, then create your personal attack deck.

Each card has its own effect and many of these effects can be combined with others to increase their effectiveness. 

Then jump back in time to re-arrange your combat for the greatest impact on the enemy!

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Diceless Time-Jumping Combat
Unusual Treasures

After a combat, you will be able to gain loot and upgrade on weapons, gear and wondrous items, mayn of which can be combined to create new and powerful artefacts.

The Castle is filled with strange techno-fantasy items that wait for your discovery!

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Unique Enemies

The halls of the castle are home to many enemies. From minions to dangerous guardians and powerful bosses, they all have one intention: to stop you from reaching your goal!

Their special abilities make every combat different and overcoming them takes courage, guile, the right weapons and tactics, and sometimes knowledge of their secret weaknesses gained from a previous event.

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