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A new beginning

And off we go. This is the first ever Blog from Underground Games as we launch our first project: The Jagged Alliance board game. Dabbling in board games and role-playing games has been a long standing passion for our members, though most of our work is in digital games.

The idea to try and do this one came from playing paper prototypes for the current video game project both of us work to make our living, which was REALLY fun to play as a board game...but did not translate well into a digital version. Moving on from this, we nevertheless looked back on our prototype fondly and were looking for a way to continue it...and there really only was one way to do so: Make our own board game.

So here we are, three hundred days older and deeper in debt, about to embark on a new endeavor and trying to kickstart a board game alongside a new company. We truly hope this will work out and we would love to have the opportunity to share our ideas and designs with the world.

So we want to invite you to join us on our journey and welcome you to the wonderful world of the UNDERGROUND.


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