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2020 update

Dear backers and Underground Games subscribers,

we have been quiet for a bit due to the holidays and other affairs taking our time, so I wanted to give all of you a quick update and send a sign of life.

Jagged Alliance

We are waiting for the models of the additional merc minis. Once we see them and are happy with them, we will open up an order page and make sure we get a more viable shipping arrangement set up, so we can offer a reasonable price. We will update you as soon as we have any info.

Unfortunately, we have not been successful in finding publishers for local versions as of yet (other than Polish), though we have received a lot of positive feedback and interest. We will keep trying.

Castle von Loghan

The Chinese New Year and Coronavirus have totally destroyed any printing schedule we or our manufacturer had. They are slowly getting back to production, but have a long queue of products to manufacture, so we are negotiating with them - again, as soon as we have it, we will give a date and send out the shipping cost estimates.

The Future

As we have been waiting on the above, we took the opportunity to begin two new projects - one will be a game based on our Jagged Alliance mechanics with a Fantasy setting with new twists, adding magic and other elements, such as "emerging storypoints", where your decisions matter in subsequent scenarios and missions. We have applied a lot of what we learned from Jagged and it already plays quite smoothly. Can't wait to be able to tell you more about it!Our second game is a very cool combination of write and roll, dungeon explorer, social deduction and co-op/competitive story-telling game. It is very early in development, so we are fiddling with several elements, but I am quite excited by the way it shapes up.More on that once we have something to show!

BIG Alliance

As some of you may have noticed, we have been building up an indie-initiative called the Best Indie Games Alliance (BIG), to help us small indies support each other be more visible vs the big guys. We will have a booth at UKGE, SPIEL Essen and Berlin Con for this year where you will be able to meet our members and check out their cool games. Stay tuned on this and check out our page!

So, while we have been silent, we have not been slacking, as you can see.

Have a great week!


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