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Castle von Loghan awaits at SPIEL 19 and more Jagged translations

Hi there,

we have been quietly busy with our next game project for some time now and are very happy to present Castle von Loghan in its almost final form at SPIEL 19 ESSEN.

Thanks to a lot of effort and dedication by artists Jeroen and Clara, layouter Karsten and designer Paul and the many other people helping on this project, the game looks and plays spectacular now!

It has taken quite some more time than we would have liked, but we are extremely proud of what we achieved with this ambitious time-jumping, multi-board, deep narrative, diceless combat co-op game.

It's ambitious in scope, tactical, filled with suspense, story twists, unusual mechanics and lots of love! And still available for pre-order!

If you want to take a peek at it, you can play this and other new and exciting games from our partners at SPIEL 19 at our booth Hall 5 H127.

Greek Jagged Alliance Rules and Scenario

Thanks to Nikos Christakis GREAT work, we now also have a fan translation of the rules and scenario book in Greek! It is really humbling to see the amount of work fans have put in to this and how they continue to support the game. Thanks so much Nikos!

We still owe you the last two scenarios for Metavira...and they will come, we just have not time to playtest currently, but hopefully that will ease up a little after Essen.

See you in time :)


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