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The future is now (almost)

Hi fellow board game time-travelers,

after picking up the usual SPIEL 19 loot in the form of a full-blown throat infection with an included add-on of blocked sinuses and fever, we are back in the office with the latest on Underground Games.

First of all, SPIEL was a resounding success - we sold out of all our remaining Jagged Alliance Games (It is still available from our friends at Modiphiüs for the English version as well as Alles für den Helden for the German/English version.

We played the game and got to see a few of our backers - some were so nice to actually sit down and demo the game when the booth became really busy. That was pure awesomeness (Looking at you Mr. Schmitz)!

Meanwhile we had several parties interested in our game and doing a translation of local publishing, which is great and the first one, the Polish version from our friends at Underworld Kingdom has been financed over at Wspieram but you can still grab those nice stretch goals!

If we manage to get a few more of those licenses going, we will have enough budget to do a second Add-ON and a reprint! And you can help us by granting us a (hopefully good) rating at BoardGameGeek, the more people vote the more interested the potential publishers will be!

We also had a chance to get our next release on the table: Castle von Loghan - a co-op time travelling, narrative, diceless combat, deep narrative dungeon crawling extravaganza and you can watch it being explained by Paul himself in 5 very full minutes on BoardGameGeek's channel.

If you are interested in pre-ordering the game at the very good kickstarter price, you can do so HERE.

By the way, Jagged has been nominated for 'Der Goldene Stephan' - a German Fan award over at Dreieich Con, so if you want to help us win, you can vote here.

So this is what we have for now, we are working hard on finishing Castle von Loghan and then we want to work on new content for Jagged, so stay tuned!

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