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Metavira, FAQ and shipping done

Hi there,

All boxes have been shipped and sent out to our backers (Canadian backers: The boxes are in transit from US to Canada). I hope they all reach you save and sound!

Once you have played the game, it would be great for us if you could leave a review or tell your friends or FLGS about it, take it to meetings and show off on Facebook. If we ever are to make another add-on for the game or a reprint, we will need all the visibility we can get! Also, we would appreciate it, if you could leave a review on BGG and let people know if you liked the game!


We have finally managed to test and layout the promised three scenarios for the Metavira campaign. Download now and start playing - all required materials and the special Dictator are already in the box! The campaign has a slightly higher difficulty and we are looking into one or two more scenarios to add to it down the line.

This is where you come in: If you have played the game for a bit, you essentially hold all the means in your hands to create your own scenarios and we want to encourage you to do so! How about you suggest an ending to the Metavira campaign and we publish the best version in the scenario book? If you like, you can also add a "Brenda's Lab" scenario before the ending. Creating scenarios is great fun and easy to do, so why not give it a roll?


Some rules need clarifications and we have provided a nifty FAQ here that should help you get through any issue. We also are happy to reply on BGG, FB or here to any questions you may have.


Some people have asked us about future plans. We are currently working on another game we will reveal soonish and we do hope will be able to do more Jagged Alliance material, but for this, we need to be able to raise our profile.

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