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The Reveal!

The box...

And this is our first project (fanfare): A board game set in the Jagged Alliance game universe...well actually the small island of Arulco. We have been working on this for over 9 months now, trying to come up with gameplay that fits the video game ancestors while making sure we have a great co-op game at our hands.

Did we succeed? We certainly like to think so, but the game is still evolving and transforming - which isn't making the job of trying to get a quote for the production cost any easier.

So the plan is to go to kickstarter with it, ride the wave of currently popular board game kickstarters and hope we can scrape enough money together so we can make this work.

Of course we will need everyone's support to fund it, but for now I will try regularly give you a little peek into what we are doing - from game design to art and production and kickstarter campaigning, so at least you may find some information if you ever happen to want to do either of the above.

For learning about boardgame kickstarters, there is no better place to start than Stonemaier Games . Not only is Jamey's company doing GREAT games, but there is ton and tons of thoughtful advice, discussion and even a full book. Highly recommended if you want to do your research when starting your own project.

I have done a number of kickstarters in the video game sector, which have slightly different issues, so it was a great boon being to learn from Jamey's and other contributors experience. Also...Scythe! It is SUCH a good game and so nice looking. Go buy it!

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