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Things are about to get crazy

Well, so we hope and fear. The kickstarter will launch tomorrow Friday the 20th at 10:30 CET, if all goes well. We have spent the last weeks polishing and adding artworks, fine-tuning rules, layouts and preparing ourselves mentally for the weeks ahead by not sleeping much.

We also planned out our first add-on, which will be available during the campaign already! It will add underground levels and a new campaign, enemies and cool weapons from flamethrowers to rocket guns! It can be played as a stand alone or expand your main game by adding new underground facilities, alternate routes around the map or new missions. And also: Lasers!

Tomorrow we will push that kickstarter button and take a deep breath as over a year of work, creativity and playtesting culminates in that single moment that will make or break our dream of publishing this board game.

After that, it is in YOUR hands. We have put forward the best we can within the means of a small team like ours and we hope we can make this become real. We even played an early version with a couple of people in front of a camera, as you can see here:

So, tomorrow, please support us, tell your friends, post and tweet and make the dream become reality!


Jan, Jens and Marko

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