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50% funded and more mercs!

Two and a half days in and we are at 50% funding and past the first three social goals (means you get an extra skirmish scenario, Hamous as an ally and 3 more weapon cards. Hooray!

While this may not be one of those "funded in 4 hours" kickstarters, we are pretty happy about getting this far and will hopefully get some more traction after SPIEL, where you can play the game live. Of course we encourage all of you to share, tweet and spread the word to help us get to the goal (or maybe even a little further ;)).

Meanwhile we have already been at work on the weapons for the UNDERGROUND add-on and you can see two of them here - they will come in handy when those crepitus start swarming at you.

One of the best things happening so far is, that we found a sculptor who is willing to work at a discount on our minis because he just happens to be an old JA fan. This allowed us to put two more mercs into the base game for you to pick! This means Shadow will join the team and we will have another merc in - decided by a vote from our backers! The first vote will take place next weekend, so if you want to be part of the people who pick the first merc going into the box, you may want to back the game now, so you don't miss out. :)

Vicki and Steroid (or whoever you vote for) may join the roster

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