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80% funded!!! First Merc vote!

We are doing a 'Shadow' move and slowly and stealthily closing in on our goal. Thanks to everyone who played at Essen, spread the word and of course those fine folks who backed us.

As promised we are now voting on the first merc and in the next update we will talk about how many hours of unique gameplay you can get exactly (spoiler: the answer is 'a ton') and how you can create your own scenarios with the game. But now it is your turn as backers:


The rules are very simple: We will offer a group of mercs and every backer in our campaign can vote for ONE of them to go into the game.

The groups will be chosen based on specific conditions these mercs bring - so for example if we were looking for a sniper, we would offer Raven, Lynx, Scope and so on. That ensures we can do a sensible balancing on the character roster and we don't get 5 sniper characters voted in with no one to create variety in the roster or a lot of mercs receiving the same amount of votes.

As we will have plenty more mercs to vote from, don't worry if your favorite isn't in yet - mercs can be put in the vote roster repeatedly!


Really simple: Just write the merc's name in the comments section of the update in question. We will tally the vote manually. This ensures only backers can vote!

The vote will run until FRIDAY the 3rd at midnight CET - so get your friends in now to help your favorite merc make the cut!

Today's vote topic

In our game we want to create teamwork and often this is as much about what you CAN'T do as what you CAN do. Because this is where other mercs come in and synergies evolve. Here is an example:

As you can see below with Ivan's sheet, he has the powerful ability to use a weapon again he already used this turn- which can dish out massive damage to the enemy if you use a machine gun that in itself has several shots. Hail of bullets, baby! The ability costs him a wound but he cannot heal himself. So he will be need to have a medic close by when the dust settles.

For that reason, this time around we are looking for someone who is NOT a leader. Here is the vote roster (with a link to look them up in case you don't remember):

So cast your votes and get your favorite merc in!

Spread the word and see you next with an update on how to create your own game scenarios!



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