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96%! New Merc Vote! Enemy AI explained

Welcome to another newsletter,

I can feel our goal coming closer, the finish line is almost visible! So it would be great if you could try another Facebook and Twitter push or, you know, even TALK to people to find additional supporters. Every backer counts!

I know some of you have asked for additional add-ons with more minis, but since we will only have a very small production run for those, the price would be massively too high, forcing us to charge 30+ bucks for the box to break even, ignoring shipping and packing. We would rather do a more conservative scope and see if we can push another add-on when the game has gotten further along, maybe finding some distributors and do a separate campaign once we have review versions out.

Thank you all for your suggestions, but we don’t want to over promise and under deliver or put ourselves in a position where we cannot fulfill our in a good quality.


Every good merc team needs a good medic – and while we have the alluring Fox Guzzman in our roster, a bit of variety would not go amiss. This time, we are looking for a vote from a list of medic characters. As last time, pick one, write the name in the comments section for this update and we will see who will make the cut! Here is your list (check with the wikia to find out more about each character)

  • Dr. Donna "Spider" Houston

  • Dr. Daniel "Danny" Quinten

  • Dr. Q. Huaong

  • Dr. Clifford "Cliff" Highball

  • Dr. Michael "MD" Dawson

The poll runs until Wednesday night our time. Let us know your favorite!


Each enemy type fighting in the dictator’s forces has its own card. It shows that enemy’s rules regarding its activation. After every player’s turn ALL enemies inside that mercenary’s sector will move and possibly attack. The AI never rolls attacks or defenses, this is left to the players. That means you can calculate what the enemy will do and base your tactics on this.

Enemies also follow a defined pattern of attack and movement, always attacking the closest enemy in range, preferring the active player. This allows to build moves around either evading enemies by running in, attacking and running away or shooting from a distance or drawing enemies out of cover. It also allows to assess the risk of exerting yourself vs the damage you can potentially get.

By making the AI behave according to pattern and not roll for damage or armor, the gameplay is sped up and we don’t force someone to be “that guy” who rolls for the enemy and kills your own team. Players can build their tactics around a reliable behavior and thus plan ahead for their team’s move.

Below is a summary of what the symbols on the enemy card mean.

1) Icon & Name The icon by which the enemy is represented throughout the game.

2) Initiative An enemy’s initiative determines the order in which it activates in combat. The higher the initiative, the sooner in combat it acts.

3) Stats Health is how much damage the enemy can suffer before being defeated. The enemy’s Armor value reduces the damage it suffers from attacks. Armor is deducted from each successive attack separately. Against heavily armored enemy a single powerful attack is better than several weak ones!

Range determines from what distance the enemy miniature can attack mercenaries. As enemies never use Stealth, their Stealth value determines the Stealth Difficulty - how hard it is for a mercenary to hide from an enemy attack.

4) Special Rules Some enemies feature special rules which are stated here.

5) Attack Pattern The attack pattern defines how the enemy behaves on activation, if and how far he moves and whom and how he attacks.

6) Reward received when looting a defeated enemy of that type.

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