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FUNDED! Wildcard Merc Vote now!

We did it! YOU did it. In just over 30245 minutes we reached our funding goal. I celebrated this at the dentists, where my wife needed to have a tooth pulled. While suffering from a mild pneumonia. Talk about mixed signals. Also, people look at you funny if you are happy at the dentists.

Anyway, on to more fun things: Now that we made it, the wildcard merc vote is on.

The rules are simple:

Below this update name ONE merc (JA2 or JA1) you absolutely would love to see in the team. Feel free to add a reason why, maybe you can sway others.

The 5 Mercs who get the most mentions will make up the next shortlist!

The ones who don't get in could still be in one of the next votes or become allies in the game, so don't sweat it, if they don't make the list this time.

Current mercs already in the roster:

  • Cliff

  • Fidel

  • Fox

  • Ivan

  • Len

  • Raven

  • Shadow

Now, share and tweet and tell your friends we have got those juicy stretch goals waiting to be taken!



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