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Second Stretch goal reached! New mercs join the team! Final Merc vote!

Hi there,

We have been picking up speed over the last 12 hours, reaching our second stretch goal in under a day with 35 hour still to go! We have seen a small upsurge in the number of retailer pledges as well - so please, continue to make your favorite online or offline retailer aware this game exists, which, in the words of our revered OVERLORD General Grundmann "is a freaking gem! " If you want to see it yourself, you can watch Jan play with himself...ahem...solo the game here

With 35 hours to go we may be able to get another stretch goal or even 2, which would give everyone a complete Metavira Campaign on top of the Arulco one, so keep pushing those buttons, vote us up on board game geeks most wanted 2018

On top of that, the vote on the final merc to join the team will start once the campaign ends, so everyone can take part.

And here are the results of the previous wildcard shortlist vote:

For female Scope won the race hands down, with over half the total votes!

For male we have both Steroid and Magic in second place after Lynx - since it is a tie, we will pick the second merc.

So here is what we will do: We will exchange Raven (who is currently one of our own mercs) with Scope, so we have two more spaces available for your voted mercs and that means Lynx and Steroid will make it in (We wanted to have a less "perfect" merc join the team and we also already have a 3D model we can use for Steroid, which we like).

So let's see what we can get to in the last hours of our campaign! Go broadcast, tweet, talk to retailers and spread the word. Arulco needs you!

Thank you very much for making this possible!


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