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Yes, we are open


thank you again for making JATBG possible and supporting us! We are still giddy with joy about being able to make the game, but we did want to give you a quick update on things and start the promised Merc vote.

For all those SPOTTERS out there or anyone late to the party, we our Pledge Manager is now online .

If you want to become a late backer just use this link or go to SHOP from our webpage.

There will also be Extras, so you can add additional game packages to your pledge, of course!

Localization and Demo Teams

In our last update we have called for help in translating the rule book and Scenarios in different languages - being a true indie, we need the grassroots effort to get that done. We were simply overwhelmed by the amount of people coming back and offering to help! Thanks to each an everyone of you, you are simply the best! Thanks to these valiant heroes, we are currently starting to translate the rules into Brazilian Portuguese, Czech, Dutch, French, Finnish, German and Polish! How cool is that?

As we are just 3 people in the company we can't afford to be at all the cool conventions, let alone travel to local game stores. But we would love for you to do that, so the survey will also include a question about joining the demo team. This will mean you will have to print out our game materials, find stand-ins for tracker cubes and perhaps hand paint dice (if you do, send us pics!). We can't pay demo teams and we can't do anything but send our deepest gratitude, but down the line all Demo team members will occasionally be able to join us for a live talk, giving feedback and making suggestions. So if you feel like spending not only your money bur your valuable time, let us know via the survey and we will take it from there.

Merc Vote

And now at long last: The final merc vote. For this one we are looking for that one merc that is not one of those hero types, but nevertheless highly entertaining, adding a bit of spice to any team. So, as always, you can vote by just writing in the name into the comments section. Pick your favorite from:

  • Larry Roachburn

  • Unusually Ruthless Reuban

  • Jack "Postie" Durham

  • Biff Apscot

  • Speck T. Kline

see you next time

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