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Campaign design and HQ cards


we have been a little quite for the last two weeks as we were busy burying our heads in design and art preparation as well as getting final quotes for production. But before we go on a short Christmas break I here is the latest from our campaign design introducing the new HQ cards and campaign rewards!

Before we dive into this, a quick reminder: about a hundred people have not yet filled out their survey! The survey comes from CrowdOx and you should have gotten reminders about it as well. PLEASE FILL THIS OUT! IT ONLY TAKES A MINUTE (ADDRESS AND REGISTRATION), as we cannot finalize shipping estimates and other stuff until we know where you live!

For those who have been volunteering to test and demo: Thanks a lot for your help and we look forward to your feedback! We will get in touch next year with further info on that! For now, if you happen to go to a con - feel free to demo the current game version and get people interested!!!

HQ Cards and campaign structure

Planning out the campaign, we have added a new feature to the game: HQ cards!

These will be earned as rewards from specific scenarios and may depend on actions and decisions that you take inside one. For example you may decide to help the Kingpin in San Mona or go against him. Depending on what you did, you will gain a different HQ card as a reward. Or you may pick the hospital or the mine card after liberating Cambria.

HQ cards can be unlocks for HQ abilities (The mine would allow you to start each mission with an amount of cash, while the hospital would allow you to heal severe injury markers from being taken down in battle between missions), give you one-time effects (such as healing local support through discarding the "village elder" or they may be used to unlock certain secret locations (especially once you play with the add-on).

Now that we have the map of Arulco stretch goal, you will also be able to choose where you want to go next from a range of locations that are unlocked by your current mission. You can mark off liberated settlements on the map (we will provide a few pages of Arulco maps in the rulebook to play several campaigns) as well as "unlocked" locations. This means the campaign will become non-linear, although for balancing reasons you will unlock targets in sort of waves and not move straight from Omerta to Meduna to fight the final campaign mission.

We think the idea is pretty cool, making the campaign even more re-playable and once more adding meaningful decisions and the possibility to adjust to your playstyle.

We hope you like the idea and we will be back before Christmas with a peek at the first new merc characters from our merc votes!

Stay tuned and may the force be with you.


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