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Long overdue update Part 1: Minis, mercs and mid-tier game

This update again has been long overdue. As none of us can make a living working on board games full time (yet!), our day jobs kept us kind of busy for the last months, but we haven't been slacking. In fact there are a good number of developments we can report.


Pretty to look at, but as many creators have discovered a royal pain in the ass to make. They are taking way longer than we calculated, as we had to redo them after feedback from the manufacturer and we had to work around limitations on how small a base can be to fit a coloured ring around. As we have worked on enemy types having different "challenge" levels within the same type (adding a layer of differentiation between Elite and Base enemy units) and we also want players to be able to spot their mini by coloured ring as well, the bases needed to be an exact size and shape, so we had to adjust all of the minis. We also weren't happy with some of the stances as they looked too passive and finally we needed to offer more hero "archetypes", so we wanted a female sniper for example, seeing how we have two female sniper mercs in the game. Luckily the main game designer Marco also is a 3d Artist by training and thus was able to help with the minis. Long story short: We are still working on them and that cost us some time.


Those portraits had to be put on the back-burner as we prioritized the minis, but now our top notch artist has begun to tackle them and we have the first results to show!

Meet explosives expert Fidel, the psychotic Larry Roachburn, eve-reliable Dr. Clifford Highball and the coldly professional Scope. Let us know how you like them!


Larry Roachburn



Mid-Tier game

With the game design progressing merrily we are happy to see the mid-level game pretty stable and tested intensively, so we are moving on to the end game and the added scenarios. We are now producing artwork for the additional cards, sectors and missions, so we can show this to you and get some playtesting done by our backers as well! We added meta-game rewards to some of the missions that will carry over to the next scenario and kind of allows you evolve your HQ in different ways. We also added more allies and missions and happy to say that they are challenging and fun in the same style the base missions are.

We need to produce print and play materials still, which is a while off yet, so we can show all that to you.

So we are chugging away at the game and I am keeping my fingers crossed that our art pipeline will run more smoothly in the next weeks and we can get you more frequent updates.

Until then, thanks for reading and being patient with us!



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