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Monsters and Dictators...oh my!

Happy belated Easter to all our backers!

We are still working on your feedback from the last batch of characters, but we also have managed to work on the OTHER side of our heroic mercenaries: Enemies and Dictators!

Our two backer-based dictators are done and I think they will make formidable enemies! Let me present General Grundmann and Professor van de Sluis!

While the General -a former German professional soldier with a knack for strategy, logistics and heavy ordinance- is a very methodical man and hard to anger, the Professor has a more erratic temper and is connected to the nefarious invention of the Crepitus species, which he will throw at his enemies.

Speaking of is the first draft of our add-on enemies, who will bring a whole new level of threat to the game (fortunately you also get some neat weapons to counter that). The bug-like Crepitus are bred for speed and armor and can rip you apart with their mandibles. The larvae may seem more harmless, but their voracious hunger and acute senses will make escaping them very very hard.

The Crepitus will be at an advantage in the dark underground mines and caverns of our add-on maps and light (or lack of it) will play an important role in your team's tactics. Add-on scenarios and boards will slot in with the main campaign, opening up new avenues of movement and game play as well as new mission goals for players!

Underground Movement

As you may have noticed when visiting our site recently, we have another game appearing on it. The time-travelling, deep story dungeon exploration game Castle von Loghan is the second game to be brought to Kickstarter and published by us.

This great co-op game is created by Tangled Towers, a team of madly talented people also working mostly in digital games. The project was one of those rare alignments when things just click.

When Paul, the lead designer and story-telling master, called me up for some advice on Kickstarter and finances, we got to talking about the game and our design philosophies and we ended up chatting for hours. A day later, while thinking about it, we both had the same idea: Why not do this together?

And so we proudly present the first "external" game of our young company, which is going to go to kickstarter end of April. You will hear more about it in the upcoming weeks and I invite you to check it out at!

We are very much looking forward to seeing the game to fruition as it is a a really interesting co-op game with competitive elements and a great story spanning three different timelines!

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