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Castle von Loghan's time is near!

Hi there,

here at Underground Games we like to work with other creators and help indie developers where we can. So we are very excited (and a tiny bit afraid) to see our first co-op project make its way to Kickstarter! Castle von Loghan is a time-travelling dungeon (or rather castle) exploration game for 3-6 players featuring a deep story, told across over 200 near-paperback sized event cards, unique diceless combat mechanics and a host of very unusual characters and enemies. It has been created on the background of a whole existing universe and you even get a full-blown novel with it by one of the Head Writers of Ubisoft!

Created and designed by the lovely people of Tangled Towers, this is the first external game that will be "published" under the Underground Games label and we were very involved ion the creative process since we began working with Paul and his crew.

All I can say is, that it is a fun and unusual experience and the Kickstarter will launch tomorrow, 3rd of May at 3 pm CET/ 9 am EST, so ready your backing gear, as the first 111 backers will get a nice early-bird 20% off the KS price!

Still not convinced? Watch this cool KS announcement video and subscribe to the latest on Castle von Loghan here.

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