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Minis are here and rule-book Sneak Peek!

Hey there,

Things are getting pretty busy around here! Just today our mini samples arrived (never mind the colors, that is just a sample of the shapes). The quality is great, but I want a warmer yellow for the dice! I will bring them to Essen SPIEL if you want to take a look.

Also, everyone who backed and visits us in Essen will get a free set of four Shadowrun miniatures (they are actually almost usable in the JA game scale-wise) to take home. So drop by and say hi! (And if you want to just walk over to the Board Game Geek booth and vote for us, that is also appreciated).

We also have a preview of our rules for you to download and look at. Now this is NOT the final version, we will have another go at editing after Essen, but it is pretty complete and should give you an idea about the game. We will keep the scenario book under wraps for now so as not to cause any 'spoilers' ;). Enjoy and let us know your feedback!

While you are at it, take a look at one of our friend's Kickstarter which is ENDING SOON!

Warigin is a hand-crafted, super high quality 2vs1 PvP game with wooden hand-branded meeples and an acrylic glass board. It is really special and very challenging and fun. Check it out at

Finally, remember to FILL OUT YOUR FINAL SURVEY if you haven't done so already. We need to set up shipping fairly soon!

see you next time


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