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Minis final!

Hey there,

I wanted to wish you a belated Happy New Year (unless you track your New Year's Date differently) and update you on what is going on here at Underground Games. First of all,

the final Minis are here!!!! We are very happy with the way they turned out.

Creating them we had several conditions in mind - we wanted to have them realistic - so no hulking brutes with giant chainsaw weapons (nothing against hulking brutes, we don't judge!), then they needed to fit into our areas, which have different shapes and sizes to make the maps look more natural, THEN we wanted to differentiate enemies from players and finally we needed a way to a) color code player minis and b) color code elite versions of our units.

So the pics above show the final result - the minis are a little delicate with long-barreled weapons and knifes etc., which is why we went for a high quality inlay for them. The rings around them are made of rubber, not hard plastic, because you will need to change them frequently (to denote Elite unit versions), which has the added advantage of giving them a slightly adhesive quality, so they don't slide around when you knock against them or the table.

And of course the enemy is red, because 'Redshirt' ;)

We are now waiting for the reworked print assets and meanwhile the German translation for the rule book has finished and we are on to the scenario book, thanks to our great volunteer helpers (shout-out to Udo!).

If you have not finalized your CrowdOx data or paid the shipping cost, please do so by End of January, as we are getting the orders ready to sort out the containers going around the world.

See you as soon as our printing samples come in!



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