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Order lockdown and shipping date


the factory us done with printing, packing, testing and putting things on pallets. The game is scheduled to leave their doors on the 3rd of April and will then ship directly to our Asian backers as well as per container to Australia (Aetherworks), North/South America (Quartermaster), EU (Happyshops) and UK (Gamesquest), though delays for UK are expected as logistics and Brexit don't mix well.

As soon as they cleared port in their destination I will let you know.

Locking down pre-orders

Following the above I now need to lock down any pre-orders BY MONDAY 2nd of APRIL. Meaning if you have not paid your shipping or provided your current address, you will no longer be able to do so. There are a few games left that we have printed as a buffer, so if you want to order more, now is your time!

I am really proud of the team at Underground Games, the great backers who helped us with translation and everyone involved in getting us this far. To see our own game become reality is a proud achievement!

more news as we get it



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